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The hope still lives --

and the dream shall never die.

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welcome & info
Hello! Welcome to my livejournal (comment here to friend me)! I'll be posting about stuff that's on my mind, who I'm into, things that annoy me, etc. I don't post here nearly as much as I used to. Lately, I've been spending most of my time on my various Tumblr accounts (see the sidebar on my LJ layout for some links), my personal Tumblr & my Instagram. Feel free to follow me on there, if you want.

A bit about me.... Born in 1978. Social Anxiety Disorder. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Depression. Pansexual (gender-blind). Androgynous. Live with my mom. Vegetarian (since 1993). Animal lover. I have a Holland Lop bunny named Dinky (II), a Cockerpoo named Teddy & a Min-Pin named Otto. I like making fansites (well, Tumblr blogs now) & graphics about celebrities I'm currently crushing on. I accept both positive and negative things in my life, even though I tend to rant about the negative a lot. I have a habit of rambling on about how cute so-and-so is. I like butch girls, chubby guys, goth and punk styles, tattoos, piercings, weirdness and people who like similar such things.
current obsessions
Ted Kennedy - Of course! (www)
Vincent Price - Wickedly awesome. (www)
Anthony Hopkins - Movie Lecter & one of my first fave actors. (www)
Brian Cox - The actor who played the original Hannibal Lecktor. (www)
Resident Evil - The movie as well as Iain Glen's character Dr. Isaacs. (www)
Hermann Goering/Third Reich - Historical & non-political interest.
Falco - Always listening to him.

ASMR videos - Those sounds/visuals that give you relaxing tingles.
Bed/Sleeping - Seems like I do a lot of that lately. Great way to escape reality.
Surfing online - Gotta stay caught up on things and this is how I do it.

kennedy fandom
Back in middle school, I started getting interested in the Kennedy family. I have a horrible memory, so I've since forgot all the cool tidbits I had spent time learning back then. I liked John first, then liked Bobby a bit and then Ted. While I did school reports on John, Ted remained my favourite.

R.I.P. Edward Moore Kennedy
22 Feb. 1932 – 25 Aug. 2009
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